擁有專業的工業設計與研發團隊,全方位的產品設計服務,產品符合世界級安規,每年申請超過20個專利保護商品的智慧財產權! 努力耕耘充電器市場,秉持著對消費者用心、為環保盡心的使命感不斷的在這個領域裡茁壯。




About us


To control the quality and cost of key materials, the Taiwan Taoyuan production base provides production and services for the domestic market, continuously adding automated production equipment, improving production capacity and production efficiency, and effectively shortening production lead time and material delivery time to ensure the accuracy of shipments ,satisfy customer's request.


A full series of battery chargers developed and manufactured for 3C products. The product portfolio is diversified and complete, with high market competitiveness. It provides professional technical and support services, cooperates with and assists customers in R&D, design, and product integration, and has a comprehensive solution. .

Global Marketing

With the advantages of convenient railway, air and sea transportation, sufficient material supply, and meet the best quality and delivery requirements of the global market access.

A leader in R&D, production and manufacturing of 3C power supply products

Mainly engaged in the research and development and production of smart chargers, it is a major manufacturer of chargers for professional communications and 3C consumer electronics products. Its products include mobile phone chargers, digital camera battery chargers and Ni-MH battery chargers, which are widely used in 3C electronic products. And portable energy products.

Provide global customers with abundant R&D support and production capacity, obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and affirmation, and provide customers with integrated OEM and ODM services to meet customer needs.

As a leading brand of chargers, our goal is to continuously develop safe, green and energy-saving products and provide customers with high-quality services.



With a professional industrial design and R&D team, we can provide OEM/ODM customers with a full range of product design services. The products comply with world-class safety regulations, and we apply for more than 20 patents every year to protect the intellectual property rights of our products!

Work hard to cultivate the charger market, and continue to thrive in this field with a sense of mission of being attentive to consumers and dedicated to environmental protection. Design “green energy products” that comply with environmental protection regulations, manufacture low-power charging products, and do our best for environmental protection! Not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide customers with good after-sales service.